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winner of the 1998 national youth storytelling olympics, tn
featured at the 1999 international reading conference, ca
rhode island summer reading program 1998 - 2012
published commentator for National Storytelling Magazine
performer at the National Storytelling Festival, tn

hello there: 401.249.1595
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carrier pigeon: 700 main street, hope valley, ri 02832

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Is there a type of story that you prefer to tell?

I look for stories that are unique, that people haven’t heard before. I also tend towards funny stories, or stories with very memorable and distinct characters. I only tell stories that I love, never something that would bore ME as a child!

Would a radio audience appreciate you story as much as a live audience?
Good question! Some storytellers sound great and entertaining recorded, other are great performers but sound boring and terrible when just listening to them. I have heard some good recordings of me telling, but I prefer a live audience, as I think I am a very visual performer, and that eye contact and movement are important to many of my stories.

Is there anything else you would like to say?
Just that if anyone is interested in becoming a storyteller I have three suggestions:
1 - Choose a story YOU love, because your enjoyment will come through when you tell it.
2 - Even if you are unsure or nervous onstage, perform anywhere and anyplace you can (open mikes, living rooms, etc.) You will get better and less nervous which each performance… trust me …I was not always at ease onstage!
3 - You can always go slower and be louder!

The Inside Scoop News-Reviews, Morse Pond, MA 10/03/05
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