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winner of the 1998 national youth storytelling olympics, tn
featured at the 1999 international reading conference, ca
rhode island summer reading program 1998 - 2012
published commentator for National Storytelling Magazine
performer at the National Storytelling Festival, tn

hello there: 401.249.1595
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carrier pigeon: 700 main street, hope valley, ri 02832

  Katie performs for audiences of all sizes and ages, from kindergarten through 12th grade and for adults. For elementary and family events a typical performances is 30-60 minutes long, with a range of short stories chosen based on the audience. If time allows, with older ages a Q&A time is encouraged at the end.

Most stories for these ages are interactive, and either original literary works adapted by Katie, or her adaptations on traditional themes.  Her stories are ones of wonder and imagination, always with a twist on classic characters. Her trademark fast-paced and witty style, and unforgettable adventures and songs are sure to make you laugh, and share for years to come.

For more information feel free to contact Katie to discuss your event.

Looking for the published version of one of Katie's stories? Here are a few of the favorites...

Underwear! Mary Elise Monsell
Love and Roast Chicken Barbara Knutson
Sebastion Florence Perry Heide
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge Mem Fox
Tulips Jay O'Callahan
The Bubble Jay O'Callahan
The Itsy Bitsy Spider (revised) David Novak

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